Busselton raised Fremantle alternative singer/songwriter and poet Billie Reid has a pedigree that is pure mongrel. Drawing from religious themes, science, eco-politics etc, the polemics are wide. Alt rock, sub-alt rock with an Americana feel. Punk ethos with a side serve of Parisian swing and some Alan Ginsberg beat poetry. ‘Ticket Out Of Dizneyland’ transgresses many musical genres. No bloated self indulgence, no posturing and preening, it’s all here in Billie’s music.

This website is dedicated to the poetry and music of the enigmatic Billie Reid and Fremantle chanteuse Lily. It’s a super clear snapshot that captures these artists right on top of their game …. featuring performances from Perth crooner Wayne Halifax.


Billie Reid: Doing It For Real

A few years back, when I was living on the other side of town, I knew a group of guys who shared a place. Some of them were on the way to places that they’ve made it to since. Others are caught up in the same routines that troubled them back then, and I can see resentment in their eyes and hear ex... Read more.

Count Your Losses & Kick Ass

Taken from Billie Reid's own "Ticket Out Of Dizneyland" LP, the remixed single version of Demon Street is an angry and revved up interpretation of the more stripped back and acoustical original. The single captures axeman Phil Bradley at his fiery best, locked-in to a brutal Strummer-esque guitar at... Read more.